Sunday 23rd June 2024,
Nacelle Systems Consultancy

Company Background

Nacelle Systems Consultancy was created to fulfil a niche in the aerospace market whereby a core of highly experienced engineers, leading a carefully chosen team, could provide a design service that really applies ‘lessons learnt’ to meet the most aggressive schedules ‘right this time’.

The NSC principal engineers have different backgrounds and skills, but with one important quality in common: They have the reputation as the people to call in when the job has to be done right, and has to be done right now.

We seek out individuals who have demonstrated consistently a proactive and innovative approach to the design and installation of power plant systems.

Fundamentally we believe this:

“Engineers use science to help solve their problems if the science is available. Available or not, the problem must be solved. True engineering starts where the science runs out.

Solving problems with practical engineering solutions is our goal.