Sunday 23rd June 2024,
Nacelle Systems Consultancy

System Design

One of NSC’s major strengths is its fundamental understanding of the technical engineering that underlies all dressings and EBU design.
Our staff have performed the design and test work on many programs to ensure the safe, efficient and certifiable performance of key safety systems such as zone ventilation, fire extinguishing and ice protection.

NSC has the capability to fully model the performance of ECS systems, including air intake/exhaust systems and heat exchangers.

NSC has detailed and current knowledge of joint, flexible pipe and gimbal technology that allows us to select the optimum components for any given task depending on whether the design driver is biased towards cost, weight, performance or packaging.

NSC staff have experience of designing fire extinguishing systems, and having an understanding of the regulations, the test procedures and the interrelation with the ventilation system involved in certifying such systems ensures that we can provide optimised solutions.