Sunday 14th July 2024,
Nacelle Systems Consultancy

Supplier Management

NSC understands that clear communication is key and the co-operation and co-ordination of suppliers is closely linked to explicitly clear shared program management goals. NSC understands the importance of each of the the phases required:

–Initial bid and scheming work packages.

–PDR and CDR dedicated supported, preparation or assessment prior to the customer review.

–Technical assessment of project goals/partners/suppliers.

–Review of Customer Technical Specifications

–Suggest/ share potential opportunities or issues .

–Cost Saving initiatives.

–Weight Saving initiatives.

–On site support for engineering activities.

–Management of sub tier (non core) suppliers.

–Technical specifications and statements of work.

–Installation level validation and certification

–Development of comprehensive and detailed project schedules broken down to milestone and sub task level.

NSC staff are experienced in working with global suppliers and know that commitment to effective communication is essential.