Sunday 23rd June 2024,
Nacelle Systems Consultancy

Project Examples

In addition to our main contract activities, our engineers currently provide close support to Trent XWB EDP Hydraulics systems, Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR725 EBU and consultative services on the MITAC (Mjet) MRJ70/90 aircraft propulsion system. We are providing support to A320 neo and Irkut MC21 propulsion systems integration. We are also providing support to Parker FSD in Derby and fuel tank inerting in both Spain and Germany.

Previously our engineers have supported the integration and installation of the externals packages for the following projects in various roles,

Trent 1000 : Trent 900 : BR710 / GV/ GX : BR715 / B717: BR725 / G650: Trent 500: Trent 700

CF34-8E/ Embraer 170 : CF34-8D/ Dornier 728

TPI 400M

Russian Regional Jet EBU

Meggitt Thermal Systems ice protection design support

Nimrod FTI /BR710

Dornier 728 Hydraulics

AE2100D/ C27J

Tay 611-8C/ GIV-X

AS977 / Bae146

AS907 / Bombardier Continental

Fuel Systems : AB139 & Fokker 100 Wing