Tuesday 28th May 2024,
Nacelle Systems Consultancy

Customer Care

Flexibility is the key to the customer support. Our aim is to gain recognition for a dedicated service that is individually tailored to each customer’s requirements and to have the reputation that when commitments are given, they are honoured.

We currently provide a range of services, from short term, close support during design or program reviews or alternatively full time ‘on site’ support for design and project engineering services.Alternatively some of our customers prefer an open arrangement, whereby consultative support is offered on an as-required basis, depending on their immediate support needs.

NSC’s core services include:

  • Initial bid and scheming work packages.
  • PDR and CDR dedicated support, preparation or assessment prior to customer review.
  • Technical assessment of project goals/partners/suppliers.
  • Review of customer technical specifications
  • Suggestion of potential opportunities or issues
  • Cost saving initiatives.
  • Weight saving initiatives.
  • System performance assessment.
  • Onsite support for engineering activities.
  • Management of sub-tier suppliers.
  • Technical specifications and statements of work.
  • Installation level validation and certification
  • Development of comprehensive project schedules, broken down to milestone and sub task level