Sunday 14th July 2024,
Nacelle Systems Consultancy

Design Integration

Component design and installation, or systems integration, rely on the clear ability to communicate effectively. The design requirements must be understood and the design goals must be shared by all the team members.

It is easy to produce a design if some design requirements are ignored. A design that satisfies both customers and regulators can only be produced by properly balancing all aspects of design: weight, space, cost, performance, schedule, maintainability, qualification and certification, all must be considered

NSC offers its customers the opportunity to gain significant insight into the integration issues that the team will face and ensures that they have access to a valuable ‘lessons learnt’ database generated by engineers experienced in the field of externals design and integration.

We find in almost all cases that we are able to provide a significantly improved design over what is existing, working from first principles and knowing what to do to avoid problems before they occur.
NSC is famaliar with the design and installation of the following powerplant systems

•Bleed Air System
•Environmental Control System (ECS)
•Fire Detection
•Fire Extinguishing
•Fuel System
•Generator System
•Hydraulic System
•Starter System
•Ventilation & Cooling
•Anti Icing Systems